Biden roared in confusion about the counting of votes and election fraud


Published 14 January 2022 at 00.23

Abroad. US President Joe Biden suddenly raised his voice and started shouting as he spoke to reporters in Washington.

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It was on Thursday that Joe Biden had a surprising outburst in front of the TV cameras.

He had visited the parliament building in Washington and discussed bills concerning the American election system and the voting procedure in the Senate with party colleagues.

When he was to make a statement after the meeting, something seemed to go awry. The president seemed to get hooked and started shouting when he talked about changes in the law that states could make in terms of who handles the counting of votes. continues to change the law not regarding who is allowed to vote but who is allowed to count the votes, count the votes, count the votes… it is about election fraud, said Biden, who raised his voice and shouted angrily.

On Twitter, some interpreted the statement as Biden, in a fit of dementia confusion, happened to admit that the Democrats engaged in cheating in the 2020 election.