A pensioner was evicted when Swedbank closed the account


Published 14 January 2022 at 10.51

Domestic. It can be exciting to be a customer of Swedbank if you need to be able to pay things on time. A 72-year-old woman in Örebro experienced this when she was evicted after Swedbank suddenly closed her account according to the Money Laundering Act. The woman lost the case in the rent tribunal, but has now been redressed in the Svea Court of Appeal.

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The woman had been a tenant of the current landlord for 16 years and always paid the rent on time, writes Hem & amp; However, rent which obscures which bank was causing all the problems for the 72-year-old woman.

When Swedbank suddenly blocked her bank account on 25 February 2021, she could not immediately visit the bank to resolve the situation, as she became ill in covid-19.

However, she contacted the Swedish Pensions Agency and requested to receive her pension and housing allowance via a payment advice to ensure that the rent could be paid on time. When Swedbank finally paid out the outstanding money via a payment notice on 21 May 2021, however, the landlord had already decided on termination.

The woman considered that she had taken the measures that could reasonably be required to fulfill her obligations as a tenant, but the Rental Board did not agree and the woman lost the tenancy.

She appealed her case to the Svea Court of Appeal, which has now ruled in her favor.

“All that has emerged is that the non-payment was caused by the blocking of her bank account “writes the Svea Court of Appeal and states that she has taken measures to resolve the situation and to ensure that non-payment is not repeated.

” It has also not been alleged that rents were paid late after In these circumstances [the Court of Appeal] considers that it is unreasonable for her that the lease expires “, writes Svea Court of Appeal.