Transvestite sadistically gang-raped by Arabs


Published 13 January 2022 at 16.07

Domestic. A gay man who usually dresses in women's clothes invited Arabs to his apartment in Helsingborg. He ended up being raped in a very brutal way – and now two rapists are sentenced to prison.

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On the night of 26 August 2020, the victim had come into contact via Snapchat with a man he perceived as Hussein and who lived in Hässleholm.

It was decided that “Hussein” would come to the transvestite's home.

Sometime around four in the morning, the person from Hässleholm arrived at the victim's home, together with two friends. The gay man, who was dressed as a woman and wearing make-up, did not want to leave his home. Therefore, he threw a door thorn through the patio door of the home of the person he thought would visit him. But a total of three men then entered the home.

One Arab, a now 33-year-old Iraqi citizen, first dragged the victim into the bedroom and raped him orally and orally.

Then one of the others, a 31-year-old Syrian, took over and now it became much more brutal. Among other things, he tried to push his entire fist into the victim's anal. When that failed, he instead pushed up a lubricant tube, then raped the victim anal. He then forced the transvestite to his knees, forced himself to have oral sex and urinated the victim in the face and mouth. He also forced the victim to swallow the urine.

Only at half past six in the morning, after two and a half hours, did the Arabs leave the residence. Then he also brought with him a number of valuables.

Now the 33-year-old, who came to Sweden during the asylum chaos in 2015, has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison and deportation for rape. The Swedish Migration Agency already ruled on 12 January 2017 that he lacked a need for protection and that he should be deported. However, the Iraqi came in with a report of impediment to enforcement. Expulsion decision was statute-barred on October 4, 2021 and the 33-year-old has not since legalized his stay in Sweden.

The 31-year-old is simultaneously sentenced to five years in prison for two months for aggravated rape, aggravated theft, abuse of record, illegal driving, drunk driving and minor drug offenses. He has previously been convicted of, among other things, gross violation of women's rights.

He was arrested in August 2021 on Södermalm in Stockholm for illegal driving. That was when the police discovered that he was detained in his absence for the aggravated rape in Helsingborg. When it was revealed that he was using the identity documents of another Syrian man, the rapist told the police that his name was Muhammed Mustafa and he was 27 years old. He explained that he did not know how to spell his name and that he did not know when he was born, because he could neither write nor read. However, the bluff could soon be seen through.

The 31-year-old Syrian is allowed to stay in Sweden, as the prosecutor had not demanded deportation.

– I am satisfied with the verdict and happy that the plaintiff has been rehabilitated , says chamber prosecutor Kristina Wedelsbäck to SVT Nyheter Helsingborg.