Toyota bZ1, here's how we imagine the electric crossover for the city?


Toyota announced in December a major acceleration of its electrification plans , showing a series of prototypes of electric cars with the intention of bringing them to the market over the next few years. The goal of the Japanese carmaker is that of to cover all market segments . The first model to debut, as we know, will be; the Toyota bZ4X SUV which will arrive in 2022; in Europe.

Prototypes shown include; as well a small crossover for the city which could eventually be called Toyota bZ1 . You can & ograve; see it as a sort of electric heir to the current new Toyota Aygo X. Starting from what Toyota showed, we tried to imagine what the look of this small urban electric crossover could be in the end. The result is; the render you can see at the beginning.


The proportions will be similar to that of the Toyota Aygo X but the electric model will be able to; count on a look with more personality and not very far from that of the prototype shown a short time ago by the Japanese brand. The front will do & agrave; except for the grille, given the absence of the internal combustion engine. The front part will feature; also due to the presence of LED headlights with a slim design. Despite the compact size, the passenger compartment should offer ample space thanks to the use of the e-TGNA platform designed specifically for electric cars and on which all future Toyota battery models will be born.

Obviously there is no precise information on the powertrain but it is possible; assume that the car will be able to have a single electric motor powered by a battery with a capacity; between 35 and 45 kWh. The autonomy could be around 300 km. A model that could become an interesting alternative for those looking for a compact car to be used mainly in the city.

With the market appreciating more and more; models with SUV/crossover shapes, the Toyota bZ1 could be quite successful. Obviously, it will depend & agrave; much also from the selling price . To see it on the streets, however, you will need & agrave; wait several more years.

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