The pandemic does not stop Lamborghini: 2021? record state


The pandemic does not seem to have stopped the automotive market, at least if we talk about luxury cars. In addition to Bentley and Rolls-Royce, among those celebrating, there is; also Automobili Lamborghini.

It seems true what the executives of the car manufacturers who cater to luxury customers have said, in a nutshell the concept they have exposed & egrave; state & quot; the pandemic forced us to stay at home. The rich do not travel and therefore have more & ugrave; grain to buy luxury cars'. Here is this & egrave; the concept expressed. S & igrave;, summed up in a few words. It means .

We said; Lamborghini also continues to celebrate, as closes 2021 with a record : 8,405 cars were delivered globally, the best year ever at the commercial level of the Bull. Sales increased by 13% compared to 2020. All, of course, thanks to a targeted and controlled growth strategy.

Stephan Winkelmann , Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, admitted: & ldquo; This record gives us; confirmation of four factors: solidity; of our strategy, the high reputation that the brand enjoys internationally, the competence and passion of our people and the extreme professionalism; and dynamism demonstrated by our 173 dealers in 52 markets, who have continued to invest with us in a period of challenges and uncertainties. & rdquo;

Overall, all three have grown to double digits the macro-regions in which Lamborghini & egrave; present : America (+ 14%), Asia Pacific (+ 14%) and EMEA (Europe-Middle East and Africa, + 12%), in which 35%, 27% and 39% of the global volumes.

In detail, the United States confirms itself as the first market (2,472 units & agrave ;, + 11%), followed by China (935, + 55%), which jumped to second place, Germany ( 706, + 16%) and the United Kingdom (564, + 9%). Italy, the home market of the Casa del Toro, also recorded growing numbers : + 3%, with a total of 359 cars delivered.

Among the most popular models; sold there definitely the Urus SUV with 5,021 units & agrave; delivered, followed by Hurac & aacute; n, the V10 model, which recorded strong growth numbers with 2,586 cars sold, thanks to the strong pull of the Hurac & aacute; n STO. To these are added the 798 Aventador, model V12, delivered all over the world. 2021 also brought the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 to Sant & # 39; Agata, which immediately sold out.

For 2022, on calendar, they are already; the beginnings of four new products have been marked, with Winkelmann underlining how & quot; We are more & ugrave; stronger than ever to face a period of profound transformation towards an even more future; sustainable. 2022 will see us committed to consolidating today's results and preparing the arrival of the future hybrid range starting in 2023. & rdquo;

The main road, for Lamborghini, leads to electrification . With an investment of over 1.5 billion euros allocated over four years, in 2023 Lamborghini will launch & agrave; its first hybrid series model and by the end of 2024 the whole range will be; electrified . Then expected in the second half & agrave; of the decade the arrival of a fourth full electric model.

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