Regions' alarms: Corona figures are misleadingly high


Published 13 January 2022 at 13.16

Domestic. Several regions are now sounding the alarm to the Swedish Public Health Agency that the statistics on how many people are cared for for covid-19 can be exaggerated and misleading. It reports Dagens Nyheter.

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For example, if a person is admitted for a bone fracture – but tests positive for covid-19 – the patient is automatically classified as a covid-19 patient. This despite the fact that the corona is actually a co-diagnosis.

There are at least three regions that have contacted FHM due to the fact that the statistics may be exaggerated, writes DN.

Magnus Gisslén, chief physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and professor of infectious diseases at the University of Gothenburg, states that at least one third of Västra Götaland's registered covid patients are actually cared for for other ailments.

FHM believes, however, that the figures are still valuable because a patient with covid-19 means more work for healthcare.