Overview: These are the latest MacBook Air 2022 rumors


MacBook Air 2022 Rumors

The MacBook Air is a beloved device among many Mac users. It is therefore no wonder that many people are looking forward to the MacBook Air of 2022. Since spring 2021, there have been various rumors about the MacBook Air of 2022, so it's time to put everything together. What are the rumors and what can you expect from this new model?

  • Name
  • Design
  • Screen
  • Specifications< /li>
  • Price
  • Release

#1 Name: will it be MacBook Air?

To start with the beginning: it is not yet clear whether the new model will be called MacBook Air. There are indications that this new lightweight MacBook will simply be called MacBook, without the Air name. It would therefore in fact be a successor to the 12-inch MacBook. It remains to be seen whether the current MacBook Air will still exist.

Another option is that it is indeed a new MacBook Air. As far as we are concerned, this scenario is certainly still possible. For the sake of convenience, we simply call this model the MacBook Air 2022.

#2 Design MacBook Air 2022

In terms of design, this new MacBook Air will receive the largest redesign in the history of this model, according to a reliable source. As early as the spring of 2021, it was rumored that Apple is working on new MacBooks in multiple colors. Think, for example, of a blue, green or perhaps yellow or orange MacBook Air. If these colors look familiar to you, it's not surprising: the iMac 2021 has also appeared in these colors.

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/f6d032e205ac457867eaf18d36711313.jpg" />

The new MacBook Air would therefore be based on the colors of the new iMac. The further design may also be adapted. Think of flatter sides and a flatter design, but perhaps also white screen edges and a white keyboard. This too would be inspired by the iMac 2021.

The various renders you see in this article are based on these rumours. It would fit in with the style that Apple has been choosing for some time: the somewhat darker colors for the professional Macs and the more playful lighter colors for the standard iMac and MacBooks.

#3 MacBook Air 2022 screen: also mini-LED?

Not much has been said about the size of the screen in the new MacBook Air 2022. We assume that Apple will again opt for 13-inch, to be distinctive enough from the current 14-inch MacBook Air. Moreover, this format is more than fine for the target group of this model. As far as screen technology is concerned, there have already been some rumors.

According to a number of sources, the MacBook Air will get a mini-LED display in 2022. Apple already made the switch to the MacBook Pro last fall, which resulted in a high-resolution display with nicer colors and deeper blacks. ProMotion is also present in those models, but we wonder if this will also come to the MacBook Air. There have been no rumors of that yet.

#4 Specifications of new MacBook Air

In any case, what we are counting on is that the second-generation Apple Silicon chip will be in the new MacBook Air. It would then be the M2, the direct successor of the M1. The current MacBook Air already has an M1 chip, so an M2 chip is the most logical successor. There have also been several reliable rumors about the M2 chip in the new MacBook Air. How fast the new M2 chip will be is still a mystery, because benchmarks are not yet available.

Other specifications of the new MacBook Air 2022 are not yet available, but we can give an indication:

  • Improved FaceTime camera (possibly 1080p)
  • Multiple Thunderbolt 4 ports (usb-c)
  • From 256GB SSD storage, expandable to at least 512GB
  • Standard with 8GB RAM, expandable to 16GB
  • MagSafe connection for charging with magnetic cable
  • Last battery life of all models

#5 Price of new MacBook Air

The current MacBook Air is the cheapest model in the entire lineup and we expect the new MacBook Air from 2022 to be the same. But there have been no rumors about the price yet. So we don't know how much Apple will charge for this new model, but if we have to take a chance, we think the price will stay the same or be slightly higher than the current model. If Apple decides to discontinue the current MacBook Air, chances are Apple will keep the price of the new model the same. If Apple decides otherwise and if the new model is added next to the current one, the price could just be a bit higher.

We estimate the expected price of the new MacBook Air 2022 to be between €1,129, – and €1,499,- depending on the version.

#6 MacBook Air 2022 Release

The new MacBook Air 2022 is expected to be released in mid-2022. There are sources who believe the model will arrive sometime in the summer, but it could also take a little longer until sometime in September or maybe even October. In September, a reliable source claimed that mass production of the MacBook Air 2022 will not start until the third quarter.

Are you looking forward to this new MacBook Air 2022 or are you more looking forward to a different version? Or have you recently bought a new MacBook yourself?