Noble M500: the comeback among supercars with 550 HP and a & quot; economic & quot; price


Noble is about to make a comeback in the supercar market, with its M500 of 550 hp , with the first deliveries for customers to take place by the end of 2022.

The supercar features a bespoke passenger compartment , with only space for a guest passenger, in addition to the driver, so as to become a sporty two-seater that roars behind the backs of the two lucky ones a Ford-matrix engine, V6 twin-turbo, 3.5 liters. The same beating heart that gives life to the Ford GT.

In short, we are in the presence of a supercar & quot; baby & quot; pointing his finger at other purebred super sports cars, to nibble a bit of their market. Did anyone say Porsche 911 Turbo S?

Lots of power, but also lightness. The Noble M500 will have; a car body in composite material but strengthened by the presence of glass , while the skin of the bodywork will be; in carbon fiber.

Don't worry for its driveability . From the upper floors of Noble they bet on it; will be; exciting . For her in dowry double wishbone suspension, hydraulically assisted power steering and no help from electronics. The gas pedal must be used wisely.

Hand in hand with the engine there will be & agrave; a six-speed manual gearbox, if you want automatic look further. Here there is a supercar of race but with the design in step with the times.

The cockpit exudes sportiness, although perhaps it appears a bit too much “analog”. Here then are Recaro Podium seats and a digital instrument panel that are paired with a simple infotainment system. Good choice of materials and, as it seems, the quality & agrave; general construction.

The Noble M500 with 550 hp, which we see in the picture, is; still in the concept phase, with the English company that has not yet accepted any order . There are still various improvements to be made and it is not; the price was specified which, according to those who work at Noble, should be less than 200,000 euros .

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