Herbert Diess promotes the Audi Charging Hub: & quot; this is how I imagine charging & quot;


Herbert Diess , CEO of the Volkswagen Group, imagines that charging an electric car must be a pleasant, reliable and fast experience. The number one of the German group is & egrave; said, therefore, enthusiastic about the Audi Charging Hub, the innovative charging station that the house of the 4 rings has made operational for a very short time.

Inside its profile on LinkedIn, Diess shared a short video where he travels to this station aboard an & # 39; Audi e-tron GT together with the CEO of the house of the 4 rings, Markus Duesmann . An interesting video as you can see not only the charging process but above all the inside of the station . Upstairs, in fact, & egrave; there is a lounge area of ​​200 square meters where people can relax while the cars fill up with energy.

Electric users can book recharging , arrive on site, connect the car and while waiting to comfortably take a coffee. For Diess, this station sets a new standard by taking the charging experience to the next level. The number one of the Volkswagen Group also recalls some of the main features of the Audi Charging Hub located in Nuremberg .

There are 6 charging points that allow to supply cars with energy up to a maximum power of 320 kW. In the case of the e-tron GT in the video, these columns allow the car to refuel at the maximum possible power (270 kW peak). Charging from 5% to 80% takes just 23 minutes.

As we had the opportunity to discover at the time of the announcement of the entry into operation of this station, inside it is there is a energy storage system using batteries of automotive derivation. In the specific case, these batteries allow to manage the peak phases in the energy demand thanks to three modules with capacity; total of 2.45 MWh.

Thanks also to the power lines and photovoltaic panels & egrave; It is possible to recharge up to 80 cars per day without reaching the limit of capacity; of storage batteries. Numbers aside, & egrave; the concept of the charging station that Audi and the Volkswagen Group want to highlight. The German group wants to simplify the charging experience, making it a pleasant experience and the road to add this goal also passes through this station.

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