Gigafactory in Berlin, Tesla extends tests. The first Model Y's weren't satisfying


Tesla has not yet received the green light from the authorities; German to be able to start the production of the Model Y inside the new Gigafactory in Berlin . Waiting to receive all the necessary authorizations, it should not be long, the American manufacturer can & ograve; just run a small production for testing purposes . The cars built, therefore, cannot be sold and are used only for testing and quality control.

By October, Tesla had obtained a permit to build 250 electric cars. According to the German press, the American manufacturer has had the green light to extend this pre-production phase to be able to build an additional 2,000 Model Y. This new authorization, pending the final one, would have been requested as the company & agrave; by Elon Musk would not have been satisfied with the quality & agrave; of the first 250 units & agrave; produced.

Specifically, the first batch of cars would not have met a set of minimum standards set by Tesla. The authorization allows the American brand to now build 500 Model Y's per week for a total of 2,000 units. There & ograve; means that Tesla will employ & agrave; one month to build all the cars. This time will serve to refine the construction processes of its cars and solve all the critical issues; qualitative results.

In the meantime, the long-awaited authorizations could also arrive to start the series production of the cars inside the factory. This extra work will allow; to the car manufacturer to be ready when it arrives the green light. The Gigafactory in Berlin, as we know, & egrave; very important for the growth plans of Elon Musk & # 39; s company. It will produce all the Model Ys destined for the European market.

Currently, for customers in the Old Continent, the Model Ys arrive from the Shanghai factory in China. On the German site, Tesla will start & agrave; also the production of its 4680 cells. Due to various problems, including those related to the complex German bureaucracy, the Gigafactory in Berlin is; late. If the authorizations do not arrive quickly, & egrave; likely to enter into business; first the new Gigafactory from Texas.


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