De Tomaso P72: yes to do? the sports car from the 1960s, and also close to the N? rburgring


De Tomaso will develop & agrave; and will produce its supercar P72 and will do so & agrave; at a facility close to the historic N & uuml; rburgring circuit. The aforementioned structure will be; the maternal womb where he will be born; the P72, which will enter; in the final stages of development by the end of the year and customer deliveries will begin in the first half. of 2023 .

The historic brand, resurrected after the bankruptcy in 2004 with the support of Hong Kong-based IdealVenture responsible for the Apollo Intensa Emozione hypercar, it will open the new headquarters this summer as part of a new partnership with the company engineering of motorsport Capricorn Group (holder of the German circuit), adjacent to the Green Hell.

The P72 will have; a central engine and a style inspired by the Italian supercars of the 60s. Its bodywork and body will be composed of high quality materials. and its limited edition (the precise number of cars that will go into production has not yet been communicated). The price ? It starts at a million dollars.

Under the hood beat & agrave; strong V8 engine, Ford nature , supercharged, 700 HP and a six-speed manual gearbox. Compared to the initial project, its carbon fiber monocoque is; has been heavily renovated and now offers more; space for passengers; for both their shoulders and their heads.

CEO, Ryan Berris told Autocar that “the powertrain has undergone extensive development” but the details of these changes have not been made public. The partner company Capricorn will be responsible for the development of the suspension frame as well as & eacute; of the overall production of the P72.

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