The corona restrictions are KU-reported by SD


Published 12 January 2022 at 10.51

Domestic. The Sweden Democrats KU-report Magdalena Andersson for the government's coronary restrictions, states party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

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During today's party leader debate, Jimmie Åkesson announced that SD requests the Constitution Committee to review whether decisions on special restrictions made by the government during the winter of 2021/22 exceeded the government's powers under the Pandemic Act.

Åkesson emphasized during the debate that the restrictions must be proportionate.

– The Pandemic Act does not give the government unlimited power, he said.

During the winter, the government has decided on a number of restrictions based on the temporary law. SD requests that KU review whether these government decisions on restrictions were within the government's norm-setting competence under the Pandemic Act, or whether they should have been subject to the Riksdag's review, according to a press release.

The party also wants KU to review whether the introduction of vaccination certificates was necessary to prevent the spread of covid-19 and whether it was appropriate for a transitional government to make a decision of such a politically sensitive nature.

Furthermore, according to SD, KU should examine whether new restrictions presented by the government on Monday can be considered proportional based on a concrete danger to human life and health.

– The connection between the restriction and the desired effect on the spread of infection is needed, said Jimmie Åkesson.