Podbike Frikar, the deliveries of the curious e-bike with & quot; hood & quot; they will leave by 2022


The scenarios of the new micro-mobility electric are now exterminated and, in recent years, there have been many two or four-wheeled vehicles that have attracted on s & eacute; the spotlight: from the Microlino 2.0, which will be & agrave; produced within the year (with a little delay), to EliZero Plus, or already popular Citro & euml; n Ami.

On the market it & egrave; A bizarre new proposal has recently appeared which, due to its originality, could subvert the paradigms of the sector and disrupt the common perception of small electrified vehicles, especially for commuters.

This time it is not a & # 39; e-bike tour court, n & eacute; of an electric microcar, but not even a scooter or a scooter. From a strange hybridization of these means and from the creative flair of a Norwegian startup & egrave; born Podbike Frikar , a four-wheeled single-seater vehicle that we could define similar to a & quot; velomobile & quot ;. It has been talked about for some time and already has; caught the attention of the most curious since the presentation of the first prototype, but until a few months ago its landing on the market still seemed a distant mirage. After having raised € 3.2 million in funding for the development of the vehicle and having struck a fair number of pre-orders (amounting to 3400), the manufacturer has finally revealed that it wants to start the first deliveries of vehicles by 2022 .


From the e-bike the Podbike inherits the pedals , which go for & ograve; to power a pair of motors positioned in the rear wheels; a third 250 W motor acts as an electric assistant.

As for the design , its aerodynamics are particularly striking; and the futuristic air: the large “ hood '' transparent and removable, which opens with a retractable mechanism, making it resemble, according to one's imagination, a capsule, an egg or a spaceship. 2.30 meters long and 84 centimeters wide, the e-bike is single-seater, but includes among the options also a child seat (up to 6 years/22 kg) which occupies the 160 liters of the vehicle's load space.


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