Pfizer CEO: We do not know how long the third syringe will protect


Published 12 January 2022 at 00.02

Abroad. Three doses of Pfizer's covid vaccine are said to provide “reasonable protection” against death and hospitalization. But how long a refill dose protects against the omicron variant is unclear, says Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla.

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Fria Tider yesterday reproduced statements made by Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla in an interview on Monday when J.P. Morgan's annual healthcare conference began.

Bourla then said that it was unclear whether two doses of Pfizer's vaccine offered any protection at all against the new omicron variant of covid-19. However, a third dose would provide “reasonable protection” against ending up in hospital or dying, but not as strong protection against infection, he claimed.

In another interview later that day, Bourla reiterated his assessment./p>

– Two doses is not enough for omicron. The third dose of the current vaccine provides pretty good protection against death and decent protection against hospitalization, Bourla told CNBC.

The same day that Pfizer announced that two doses of the company's vaccine “are not enough for omicron “and that three doses are required to get” fairly good protection “against death and” decent protection “against hospitalization, the Public Health Agency released a press release in which the protective effect of two vaccine doses was claimed to be stronger than what Pfizer itself claims.

”As the new virus variant omicron dominates the spread of infection, the vaccine protection against becoming infected after two doses is significantly lower than against previous virus variants. However, the protection against serious illness and death is still very good, regardless of the virus variant “, writes the Public Health Agency.

The Public Health Agency recommends, just like Pfizer, a third dose of the vaccine – a so-called” replenishment dose “. In the interview with CNBC, however, Albert Bourla clarified that it is not known how long-term protection a refill dose provides.

– The question mark is how long a third dose protects, Bourla said.