Nokian Tires Outpost AT. All-season tire for SUVs, crossovers and pickups


Nokian Tires presented the new Outpost AT , a specific all-season tire for SUVs, crossovers and pickups, designed to offer safe and long-lasting driving on any road. This new product will be sold on all markets. Let's see the main details of the new tire.


The company says that the tire tread is; been reinforced with Aramid Shield , that is; puncture resistant aramid fibers. In this way you will be able to offer greater resistance to rough surfaces and road obstacles. Thanks to its compound, the tire offers a comfortable and safe ride on any surface and in all weather conditions. The new Nokian Outpost AT & egrave; available in 45 versions , with a range of sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches and LT-metric and SUV versions.

Entering more & ugrave; in the details of this new product, the company announces that the tire has a special 3D tread pattern that improves grip in the most severe conditions; difficult whether it's mud, snow or dirt roads. The new Outpost AT also features Summit Sidewalls , that is; peaks in the upper part of the sidewalls of the tire, which allow to further improve the grip in case the tire sinks in the presence of soft surfaces.

The shoulder incisions consolidate the grip of the tire at the point where the sides meet the tread pattern. These new all-season tires also feature Canyon cuts , that is; grooves that form at the intersection between the 3D tread and the shoulders, which allow drivers to have extra grip on unpredictable surfaces such as mud and snow.

Outpost AT & egrave; certified with the snowflake symbol in the three peaks mountain and & egrave; was made to combine versatility; of an all-season tire with the functionalities; handling of the winter one. As mentioned at the beginning, this new product features Aramid Shield technology which improves puncture resistance. The tread and sidewalls of the tire are in fact protected by extremely resistant aramid fibers , the same material used in bulletproof vests and in the aerospace industry.

Furthermore, throughout the design of the tread, Gravel guards increase the protection of the Outpost AT against punctures, protecting it from rocky terrain and allowing it to proceed smoothly across rough surfaces.

The new tire it also improves the efficiency of the cars, mending consumption, thanks to a durable and sustainable rubber compound with low rolling resistance. There is also the well-known Driving Safety Indicator , that is; Nokian Tires patented driving safety indicator, which clearly shows how much tread remains.

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