Electricity consumers must be compensated: SEK 6,000


Published 12 January 2022 at 08.39

Domestic. The government has decided to set aside just over SEK 6 billion for electricity price compensation for households affected by high electricity prices.

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Electricity price compensation takes place for three months December, January, February for electricity customers based on consumption.

The compensation is based on how much electricity the household has each month, where the highest level is households that use over 2000 kWh per month.

They are paid a compensation of SEK 2,000 per month, ie a total of SEK 6,000.

Minister of Finance Mikael Damberg presented the compensation at a press conference on Wednesday.


– It is an exceptional measure at an exceptional time, says Mikael Damberg.

– The electricity prices we have seen during the autumn and winter are far too high. I understand that people are worried about their finances, says Minister of Energy and Digitization Khashayar Farmanbar

The proposal affects over 1.8 million households and applies throughout Sweden.

The funds are paid to the households that have high electricity bills without having to apply for it. The exact design of the electricity price compensation will be developed in dialogue with the authorities, the electricity network companies and the Riksdag.


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