Alexandra Pascalidou: “I have cleaned black”


Published 12 January 2022 at 11.56

Domestic. After the scandal with Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson's illegal cleaning, journalist Alexandra Pascalidou, 51, now states that she too has worked illegally.

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“I cleaned black. When I went to high school. So it should be statute-barred,” Alexandra Pascalidou wrote on Twitter.

She continues:

“But me and we who cleaned were only hired by the upper class on Östermalm and Kungsholmen. They were the ones who invited us. Those who could really afford white cleaning help but still wanted to save a penny. So stop kicking down.”

< Alexandra Pascalidou's posts have received many responses, a large proportion of which are scornful. Several users wonder what the point of the post even is and what "stop kicking down" means in the context.

“So that excuses what the Swedish Prime Minister has done. Or what is the point of your post?” writes a person without getting an answer.

Anrda questions the truthfulness of what Alexandra Pascalidou, who is known to have gone there for plagiarism, writes.

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