Zeekr porter? its electric car in Europe: debut in early 2023


Zeekr & egrave; the new premium brand dedicated exclusively to the electric cars that Geely launched in 2021. The first model to debut is; been the Zeekr 001 that we have talked about several times in recent times. This is a very interesting battery-powered car, available in more ways than one. versions. Apparently Geely has an ambitious expansion plan in mind for his new brand.


According to reports, Zeekr aims to deliver 70,000 cars by 2022. 2023 , on the other hand, will be & agrave; a very important year since the Chinese brand intends to land also in Europe , at least in some select markets. There is no precise information in this regard but it is easy to think that it may debut in those countries where the electric market is; more developed, like Norway.

Next year, therefore, in the Old Continent will arrive & agrave; the Zeekr 001 . This decision is not surprising given that at the time of the car's debut, the Chinese brand had talked about a future launch in other markets as well. It will be therefore interesting to find out where the car will be; marketed in Europe and prices. For the automaker, expansion outside of China will be; very important since you & egrave; has set the goal of exporting 100,000 cars every year by 2025.

Currently, Zeekr has only one model but the goal is that of having a range of 7 cars by 2025. For the moment there is no information on these new electric cars but they will certainly be based on Geely's SEA platform. It will be to understand if this premium brand will carry; its cars also in other markets besides the European one since there is also insistent talk of the American one. There will be; time to find out anyway.

For now, we know that Zeekr will develop & agrave; together with Waymo an electric self-driving vehicle that will be; used within of Waymo's robotaxi service in America . And let the Chinese premium brand “take it seriously” this can also be understood from the recent announcement of a collaboration with Mobileye for the development of an electric self-driving vehicle that will debut in China in 2024.

For the Geely brand, the debut in Europe will not be; certainly easy since it will have to; build your own sales and service network.

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