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Published 11 January 2022 at 08.59

Domestic. The moderates back in Swedish voter opinion, a balancing of opinion polls that Kantar Sifo does on behalf of Ekot. This makes the Sweden Democrats the second largest party.

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The Social Democrats increase with their new party leader Magdalena Andersson, by 2.3 percent to 30.8 percent of voter support.

At the same time, the Moderates decrease to 19.7 percent and are thus less than The Sweden Democrats, who stand at 19.8 percent.

Both the Green Party and the Liberals remain under the Riksdag's four percent barrier, reports Ekot.

The result in Swedish voters' opinion (comparison with last month's results in parentheses) :

S: 30.8% (+2,3)
SD 19,8% (0)
M 19,7% (-1.4)
V 9, 9% (0)
C 6.9% (-1)
KD 5.2% (+0.4)
MP 3.4% (-0.3)
L 2.7% (+0.1)