Porsche will supply? engines dedicated to Singer restomods


Singer, Californian tuner specialized in the elaboration of 911s and in the creation of unique pieces based on the immortal style of the German sportswoman, yes & egrave; carved out a small niche in the world of restored Porsches and in the environment of restomods.

His cars are both a tribute and an 'improvement'. compared to the original Porsches , on which he decides to put his hand. Now, the Porsche-Singer duo becomes more and more; intimate with the house of the German horse that will supply & agrave; engines, officially, for future Singer projects.

Of course, the American tuner already & agrave; he uses Porsche engines in his creations but the agreement specifies that the new vehicles will be equipped with engines with particular specifications made especially for the restomods, thus without using non-original parts or parts from third-party companies.

The engines (500hp 4.0 boxer) will be built south of Los Angeles, California at Porsche Motorsport North America headquarters, further good news for Singer since their company resides in California .

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