Pfizer's CEO: Two doses provide “very limited protection” – or may not protect at all


Published 11 January 2022 at 00.11

Abroad. The protection that two doses of Pfizer's vaccine provide against the new omicron variant is “very limited” or perhaps even non-existent, says Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla, who promises a new version of the vaccine as early as March.

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Two doses of Pfizer's vaccine provide only “very limited protection” against the new omicron variant of the covid virus that now dominates the spread of infection. Maybe the vaccine bites so badly on the omicron that two doses do not provide any protection at all. Three doses provide “reasonable protection” against ending up in hospital or dying, but not as strong protection against infection.

This was stated by Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla yesterday in connection with a healthcare conference arranged by the investment bank J.P. Morgan was initiated.

– We know that two doses of the vaccine provide very limited protection, if any. Three doses, with the refill dose, provide reasonable protection against ending up in hospital or dying – and, again, I think that is very good – and less protection against infection, Bourla told Yahoo Finance.

– Now we are working on a new version of our vaccine, version 1.1 if I say so, which will cover omicron as well. And, of course, we are waiting for the final results. The vaccine will be ready in March. And we will be able to make lots of it.