New bookstore sells books nobbed by Bonnier


Published 11 January 2022 at 17.47

Kulturnyheter. The new Tales online bookstore now sells various titles that are not available for purchase at major online stores such as Adlibris and Amazon.

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A couple of years ago, the large international bookstore Amazon began an extensive purge of literature that could be linked to immigration criticism.

The books Amazon cleared away are now difficult to find even at Bonniers site Adlibris.

But the Danish online bookstore Tales, which started in Sweden this autumn, now provides several books that Amazon and Adlibris do not want to sell. Tales, which already exists in Denmark and other places, claims to have “the market's largest selection”.

In order to have a larger selection than its competitors, the company seems to be investing in selling politically incorrect books like other bookstores. has stopped selling.

Among other things, the company provides the book The Culture of Critique by the American evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald. The book is now sold neither by Amazon nor by Adlibris, and is accused of being anti-Semitic because MacDonald links phenomena such as mass immigration from the third world and the spread of various politically correct ideas to Jewish groups and movements.

Also other classic books which is branded as right-wing extremist or racist can be bought at Tales, shows Fria Tider's review.

– We have valued that the prices and the way you buy books need competition. We want to create this by offering the market's cheapest books together with the cheapest and fastest delivery. We have a customer service that is extremely efficient and where the customer can always get in touch with someone at our Swedish customer service. Our employees are extremely talented and most have extensive experience in e-commerce, said Tales CEO Thomas Schnoor in connection with the launch.