Federley's pedophile clip: Parachute of SEK 2.3 million


Published January 11, 2022 at 10:34

You pay. After resigning due to a pedophile scandal, the gay profile and former C-top and Fredrick Federley have secured a substantial tax-funded parachute, reports Stop the Press.

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Stop The press revealed in November 2020 that EU parliamentarian Fredrick Federley had started a homosexual relationship with a pedophile.

The pedophile, who was convicted of aggravated child rape, had just been released from prison and had to live with Federley on the C-politician's farm in Björbo in Dalarna.

Fredrick Federley was forced to leave his political assignments due to the revelation.

But there is no need for the C-profile – according to Stoppa Pressarna, he receives a transitional allowance from the EU and the taxpayers of SEK 94,500 per month for two years after his resignation. This means a parachute of SEK 2,268,000.

The Center Party's party leader Annie Lööf has previously promised to shoot for money from the party coffers if Federley's parachute would not be large enough. It is unclear if this happened, Stoppa Pressarna writes.

Stoppa Pressarna revealed before Christmas that Fredrick Federley is now meeting another convicted child rapist who has recently been released from prison.

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