Bugatti, his latest model is not? a supercar but an electric scooter


Bugatti & egrave; a car manufacturer well known for its cars able to entertain the lucky ones who can get behind them. However, this brand too has decided to propose a vehicle for micro-mobility; electric , following the trend that sees different manufacturers launch similar vehicles. At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Bugatti launched an electric scooter, a model that, however, it did not develop on its own. Indeed, the company has collaborated with Bytech International to create this vehicle for micro-mobility; electric.


This scooter has interesting features for the category to which it belongs and since we are talking about a Bugatti branded product it could only be so. It has a clean design and pu & ograve; be chosen with the classic blue color of the car manufacturer's hypercars. The frame is; in magnesium alloy , a material that allows you to save a little bit on weight. On the scale, the scooter scores a weight of 15.9 kg . There is, of course, the front and rear lights. Peculiarity, behind & egrave; there is a system that projects the Bugatti logo onto the road. The sides of the platform are also illuminated.

The wheels are 9-inch to offer a good compromise between agility & agrave; and ride comfort. The scooter also has direction indicators. The motor offers power of 700 W and allows the scooter to overcome slopes of up to 15 degrees. Three modes driving available: Economy, City and Sport. The speed maximum reaches 30 km/h . The engine is powered by a 360 & # 8203; & # 8203; Wh battery which allows a maximum distance of up to 35 km .

The accumulator can be removed for easier charging. A full charge of energy can be done in about 4 hours from a home socket. On the handlebar there is a display showing the remaining charge and speed. For the moment it is not; given to know when the scooter will arrive on the market. No information even on the price . Given the brand, & egrave; possible that it costs something more & ugrave; of the & quot; municipalities & quot; electric scooters.

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