SD: Return is best for both immigrants and Sweden


Published 19 December 2021 at 09.12

Domestic. Return is not a “miracle solution” but can be the best for both the individual immigrant and our country. This is what SD politicians Ludvig Aspling and Jonas Andersson write on Aftonbladet Debatt.

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The SD politicians point out that the Social Democrats wrote in their autumn budget 1988 that “most refugees have a dream of being able to return once” to their respective home countries.

“That dream is probably much bigger and more alive among those who ended up in today's exclusion, unemployment, overcrowding, and in areas ruled by gang criminals and moral police “, it was called then.

Ludvig Aspling is the party's migration policy spokesperson and Jonas Andersson is member of the Social Insurance Committee and former representative of the Migration Committee.

“Return”, the duo writes, would provide a “better future for both the individual and for our country”.


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