Audi A4 Avant: different engines and versions for all palates


The development for the new generation of Audi A4 & egrave; well underway and the automotive paparazzi captured the first camouflaged prototype during its test drives, ahead of its alleged debut set for 2023 . The model we see in the photo sports the Avant bodywork and appears to be wearing the body destined for production , albeit burdened under the weight of a very heavy camouflage that hides its novelties from prying eyes.

The new A4 Avant has a similar silhouette to the current model, but appears to be significantly more; sporty . Looking at it well, the body is; decidedly slender, muscular and crouched on the ground. It almost resembles a small RS6 . Especially at the front, the A4 appears to be less conservative than its predecessor, bringing a pair of aggressive headlights as a dowry. Particularly the new radiator grille which appears to have a slightly different design. There are also new vertical air intakes.

Not the front and rear fenders are excessively muscular, while on the side the large rims are clearly visible. The taillights don't appear to have the lights that will later go into production but judging by the profile and shape of the tailgate, the rear of the A4 Avant should be quite stylish . Its sporty look is, however, highlighted by the double rear exhaust terminal.

The new A4 is expected to & quot; ride & agrave; & quot; an evolved version of the current MLB architecture . Audi has confirmed that its engine range will be; heavily electrified , with mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants. There will be; also space for thermal engines with 2.0 TFSI turbo four-cylinder petrol, with increased power, together with a 2.0 TDI diesel.

Among the versions available there will be; the & quot; racing addicted & quot; RS4 (presumably with electrified engine) and a 100% electric e-tron A4 version. In short, Audi offers all the flavors of its A4 to satisfy different palates.

[Spy photo: CarScoops]

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