Volvo, new details on the future new electric compact SUV


Volvo is working on a & quot; premium & quot; electric SUV that will present larger size; small of the future XC90. It is a model that could be called XC20 or C20. Thanks to a report from Autocar & egrave; It is possible to discover some small further details of this vehicle. This model will be the first of the manufacturer to adopt the SEA platform developed by Geely . This is the same platform that & egrave; was used for the Zeekr 001 whose production & egrave; It has recently started.

It is precisely this model that could therefore suggest the specifications that Volvo's new SUV and all subsequent battery-powered models from the Swedish manufacturer that will use this platform may have in the future. The 001 can & ograve; be chosen with 86 or 100 kWh batteries and you can & ograve; have with one or two electric motors with power up to 400 kW. Furthermore, according to Zeekr, Geely's premium brand, the batteries can charge up to a maximum power of 360 kW . Obviously, there will be; time to find out more details on the specifications of the Volvos that will use the SEA platform but the 001 model already provides; some first interesting clues.

Autocar also tried to imagine how this new electric car from Volvo could be and the result is; the render you can see. The debut of this new model is expected in 2023.


Polestar is also working on a larger SUV; small of the Polestar 3 that will arrive & agrave; in 2023 and which will be called & agrave; Polestar 4 . It should have a strong kinship with the electric Volvo C40 and therefore, according to Autocar, it is; likely to adopt the CMA platform. This would mean the possibility; to have one or two electric motors and 64 kWh or 78 kWh batteries. Compared to the Polestar 3 of which, recently, we saw a first real image, it will have; a more roofline; curve without this detail penalizing the internal space.

[Photo render: Autocar]

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