Toyota, new platform for European hybrids and electric


Toyota , in the last few days, has announced several innovations, including its plan to be able to market in Europe only zero-emission cars (electric and Fuel Cell) by 2035. Apparently, it seems that the novelties; for the Old Continent they are not over yet. Automotive News Europe reports that the Japanese brand is working on a new specific platform for Europe on which Full Hybrid, Plug-in and electric vehicles will be born.

NEW MODELS FROM 2025 < p>The first details that emerged from this project are very interesting. According to reports, this new platform should combine elements of the global GA-C platform with those of the e-TNGA platform specific to electric cars. It will be called & agrave; E3 , & quot; three times E & quot; meaning Emotion, Engagement and Energy (in Italian, emotion, involvement and energy). Why? this new platform?

In Europe, Toyota will not go to build 100% electric vehicles based on e-TNGA. The new bZ4X, in fact, will be & agrave; only imported from Japan. Therefore, thanks to the new platform, Toyota will be & agrave; able to adapt the offer of engines of its models built in Europe according to customer demand and availability; of the charging infrastructure.

More specifically, the new E3 will be & agrave; used within its factories in the UK and Turkey, where it already has; models based on GA-C architecture are built. The E3 platform will do & agrave; its debut in the second half & agrave; of this decade . From 2025, this new platform will be; used, for example, for the next generation Toyota C-HR and for the future new Corolla.

This is a novelty; interesting that allows you to better understand which one will be; the strategy for the Old Continent of the Japanese car manufacturer. Thanks to the new platform, the new C-HR and Corolla that will arrive from 2025 onwards can be offered with different types of electrified engines, potentially even having units available. 100% electric. Obviously, as mentioned above, it will depend & agrave; by some factors such as market demands and availability; of the charging infrastructure.

All that remains is to wait for further details on this project to better understand what Toyota will propose; to its customers over the next few years.

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