The Jimny that became? a Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus


Pu & ograve; a Suzuki Jimny to dress up as a Mercedes-AMG G63 and be believable? The answer is; Yes. It just happens that the Mercedes-AMG G63 & egrave; too big for your taste; it just doesn't fit in your nice garage and you just don't want to leave it in that “tiny living space” that your neighbors call “ free parking in front of the house '' or, again, do it more; simple, you don't have the money to afford it? Don't despair.

You can always take a Jimny and turn it into the G-Class. A little as someone did with his & quot; Jimny Brabus G800 & quot ;, In reality, this specimen is inspired by the Brabus 800, that is the most advanced version; baddie of the G 63 and developed by the German tuner, giving life to a clone of the Mercedes-AMG G63 , in London.

& quot; Ah, a body kit & quot; you will think. Yes, but something more; of a simple aesthetic modification, I say, since & eacute; here we are talking about a real conversion from car to car . Do you think the interior of this Suzuki Jimny is made up of 100% Brabus and also customized components. In short, a luxury & quot; that can & ograve; accompany only & quot ;.

Its owner does not & egrave; conquered by the aftermarket parts made available to him by Suzuki. Too commercial, too simple. They were all focused on turning the Jimny into an even more small off-road vehicle. voted to the most off-road hard and pure but, on an aesthetic level, there was no luxury, that distinctive look that he was looking for so much.

So, after transforming his Suzukina, ours Mario Rossi yes & egrave; went to a Brabus tuning center and left it in the hands of the tuners also for a painstaking set-up. So not just a body kit, but a real conversion. Someone accidentally said that & quot; with what he will have; spent, was it worth buying the G-Class? & quot; Ah. Sorry, I thought I heard it.

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