Manhart CR 700 Wagon: here is the tribute to the V8 before the Plug-in hybrid


In that of Manhart they learned the news with great regret. You should have seen what long faces and contrite expressions they had when & egrave; came the news that the next generation of the new C-Class, and especially the Mercedes-AMG C 63/C 63 S , would no longer be; powered by the AMG 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8.

According to the latest & quot; rumors from the web & quot ;, the next & quot; 63 & quot; will host a plug-in hybrid plug-in engine. Powerful, sure. But even if it consists of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder which, with the help of the electric motor, manages to develop around 650 HP , it will not be & agrave; able to play the most strings; emotions of the heart of those who are & egrave; lost in the roaring melody of the thunderous 510 HP Mercedes C 63 S V8.

So, how to say goodbye to today's thruster? The answer is; simple. Get your hands on the Mercedes-AMG C 63 and reinterpret it with Manhart style. Here then is the CR 700 Wagon with a throbbing heart in the form of a V8 and an elongated station wagon tail. Power is not lacking; 712 CV , achieved after the installation of a performance kit that added updated turbochargers, a new intercooler and ECU remapping.

And if the horsepower seems exaggerated, wait to know the torque; 920 Nm . A big leap compared to the 700 Nm of the standard version. To let you have some unmissable data, Manhart let us know that the CR 700 goes from 100 km/h to 200 km/h in just 5.5 seconds.

There is also a new AMG tailpipe combined with Manhart sports pipes and embellished with 200-cell catalysts. The transmission? The automatic transmission has nine gears and & egrave; equipped with AMG Speedshift MCT technology, for more shifts; that's lightning fast.

The oversized wheel arches dominate wheels equipped with Concave One rims in satin black, which, in keeping with the typical body style, are decorated with gold edges. The double-spoke design wheels are twenty-inch in size and fit high-performance tires.

Regarding suspension optimization, Manhart offers a set of H & amp; coil springs. R , which allow infinitely variable trim adjustment. No changes have been made to the braking system or to the interior of the AMG C 63 & # 39; passenger compartment.

Further data, as well as cute; pricing and delivery information can be obtained on the Manhart website page. Provided you can convince the & quot; crazy guys & quot; to be genuinely interested in purchasing their tribute to the V8 of the C 63 . S & # 39; means.

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