Healing S-minister in windy weather


Published 7 December 2021 at 05.57

Domestic. News Today has published a photograph that shows when Sweden's new Minister of Civil Affairs Ida Karkiainen (S) makes a so-called Hitler greeting. The Minister himself does not deny having made the gesture.

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– I am completely sure, I have no corpses in the closet, Ida Karkiainen told Aftonbladet when it became clear that she would become Minister of Civil Affairs in Magdalena Andersson's new S-government.

Now Nyheter Idag reveals that Karkiainen made a Hitler salute to white power music at a private party in the mid-2000s. Something that was captured in a picture.

According to the newspaper, Ida Karkiainen and her boyfriend at the time used to have white power parties in their apartment in Haparanda. A source states that “it was healed and screamed sieg heil from their balcony” early in the morning.

– She is only thinking about her career. I think she could join any party, as long as she can make a career. It is damn hypocritical to say that to Aftonbladet when very many in Haparanda know about her background, a source for Nyheter Idag states regarding Karkiainen's claim that she has no corpses in the closet.

To SVT Nyheter Norrbotten says S the Minister that she has no recollection of having made a Hitler salute.

she says.

However, she claims that she never moved in white power environments.

– Ultima Thule and that kind of music may have been played in those contexts, but in that case, I've gone and turned it off and said it's not okay. Young people listened to Ultima Thule in the 90s, it was not unusual, says Ida Karkiainen to SVT.

– I have always been confident with my opinions and to stand up for the equal value of all people, she continues.