43.8 degrees below zero in Lapland


Published 7 December 2021 at 06.42

Domestic. The cold records now replace each other in northern Sweden. At the measuring station in Naimakka, 43.8 degrees below zero were measured on Monday evening.

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This is the lowest December temperature since the measurements started in 1961.

The previous record is from December 21, 1962, when 41.8 degrees below zero was measured.

< According to SMHI, Naimakka's -43.8 degrees is the lowest temperature measured in Sweden so early in the season for the period 1945 and onwards.

In Karesuando (starting year 1878), Monday's temperature is tentatively -41, 9 degrees the lowest measured there in December since 1915 when the December record of -42.0 degrees was measured. It was just as cold in December 1898. The only times when a temperature of at least -40.0 degrees was measured in Karesuando in December are 1885, 1898, 1915, 1919, 1969 and 1986.

For Karesuando, it has only happened twice before that -40 degrees were measured this early in the season. In connection with the record cold at the end of November 1890, the temperature in Karesuando dropped below -40 degrees on November 24-25. In December 1969, this occurred on December 6. So you have to go back 131 years in time to find an earlier date with -40 degrees or lower in Karesuando.