The audience beat down left-wing extremists at Zemmour's mass rally


Published 6 December 2021 at 06.45

Abroad. French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour gathered 13,000 supporters at a major election rally in Paris on Sunday. When a group of left-wing extremists carried out a coup, they were attacked and in some cases bloody beaten by the audience, reports France 24.

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French presidential election

  • Wants to be president – to stop the exchange of people
  • Great immigration-critical opinion in the French election
  • Marine Le Pen is challenged from the right

Eric Zemmour officially announced last week that he is running as a candidate in the French presidential election this spring.

In a grand campaign video, he promised to take up the fight against the exchange of peoples in France.

For decades, our rulers, both on the right and on the left, have led us on this deadly path of decline and decadence. The right and the left have lied to you and signified the seriousness of the situation. They have obscured the reality of population change, he said, among other things.

On Sunday, Eric Zemmour held his first election rally in Paris. According to France 24, about 13,000 followers showed up. At the same time, about 2,000 left-wing activists in the French capital also demonstrated against the presidential candidate, whom they accused of being “racist”.

The rally brought to mind Donald Trump's election rallies in the United States. Among other things, the participants boycotted left-wing journalists who were on site to cover the incident.

A group of activists from left-wing extremist SOS Racisme carried out a coup during the meeting. They stood up and turned to the stage. On their backs were the letters that together formed the message “No to racism”.

Proponents of Zemmour responded by attacking the left-wing extremists and bumping into them. At least two people bled afterwards, according to an AFP journalist who was present.

– Within a few seconds, chairs were thrown, activists were thrown to the ground and beaten. They received open wounds – at least two of them – and others also received blows. Here, in France in 2021, we come to a meeting to say no to racism, and it ends with us getting bleeding heads, says Dominique Sopo, chairman of SOS Racisme, to AFP.

According to SOS Racism was the purpose of the campaign to use “non-violence” to protest against “racism”.