SVT answer: Expressen's Magda Gad is lying straight out


Published 6 December 2021 at 08.46

Media. Expressen journalist and foreign correspondent Magda Gad, 46, claims that she was asked questions about her sexual orientation in SVT's “My truth”. But this is a pure lie, according to host Anna Hedenmo and SVT's project manager.

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– She spreads a completely false information, it is completely untrue, when she says that I asked her about how she defines herself sexually. I have absolutely not done that, says Anna Hedenmo to Aftonbladet.

The SVT profile emphasizes that it is “very serious” that Magda Gad “spreads a false information”.

It is on Twitter as Expressen's Magda Gad makes a number of allegations about how she was treated by Anna Hedenmo in a personal interview in the program “My truth”.

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“Anna Hedenmo also asked me how I define myself sexually. Fortunately, some wiser person on SVT has cut off that question. But that it was asked should lead to an internal discussion within SVT about what is done with taxpayers' money,” continues Magda Gad .

In later posts, after Anna Hedenmo commented on the matter in Aftonbladet, Magda Gad maintains that she was asked questions about her sexual orientation:

“… And then deny that the question was asked even though it was asked not just once but twice. How I identified myself before and how I identify myself now. Incredibly strange thing to lie about, especially when everything is recorded. That Hedenmo denies that she asked about this is twice as much more serious than asking the questions. The publisher in charge of My Truth needs to take a look at this. It is certainly not professional to deny asking questions and pointing out the guest as a liar. “

Carin Ahlqvist, project manager at the social department at SVT, also tells TT that no question about sexual orientation was “ever asked” in the interview. However, Magda Gad was asked about her time as an employee on the gay site QX

Magda Gad has received support in the conflict from, among others, Sweden's new climate minister Annika Strandhäll (S):