La Gazzetta del Motorsport, Hamilton wins in Saudi Arabia and reaches Verstappen


The Formula 1 World Championship will be decided & agrave; next week in Abu Dhabi. Both contenders, Hamilton and Verstappen , will finish on an equal score. It will therefore be a race to follow. But let's come to the GP of Saudi Arabia in which the English driver from Mercedes triumphed in front of his direct rival. A GP where there was no shortage of twists. Indeed, you can & ograve; say that the race & egrave; It was particularly chaotic.

There were, in fact, several incidents, but above all the two contenders for the title were often at loggerheads. For this, the race management & egrave; had to intervene often , making, however, decisions that are not always adequate. For example, during the GP there were ben two red flags following two incidents. The first, in particular, is; was contested as the protective barriers did not appear damaged and out of place once the cars were removed.

However, the race direction did & egrave; & quot; lost & quot; especially in the management of the two rivals on the track. Verstappen really tried them all in order to beat Hamilton, sometimes going beyond the limits imposed by the regulations. For this, & egrave; was penalized twice . The first of 5 seconds and the second, after the race, of 10 seconds following a particularly contested episode due to which there is; was a contact with the English of Mercedes.

The final result, however, is not; changed. Verstappen, therefore, had to settle for second position. Hamilton, in addition to the victory, also took home the extra point of the most lap; rapid. Given the sparks of this GP, the last race of the season promises to be very interesting.

Third step of the podium for Bottas who took away the third position from Esteban Ocon at the photo finish. Fifth place for Daniel Ricciardo and sixth final position for Pierre Gasly. Seventh and eighth position for the two Ferrari SF21s. Certainly not a positive result, but third place in the Constructors' Championship now seems within reach of the Prancing Horse.

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