iCulture polls: what's your favorite new Apple product of 2021?


Although 2021 was a less busy year in terms of new products than 2020, Apple has again released a decent list of new products this year. From the new iMac to the AirTag and from the new Siri Remote to the iPhone 13 mini, there is something for almost everyone. We are therefore curious what your favorite is.

iCulture polls: your favorite new Apple product of 2021

For many Apple users, the new iPhones are often the favorite, but this year Apple has also released some highly anticipated updates. The iMac finally got a welcome upgrade with a brand new design, the new MacBook Pro models are more pro than ever and the long-awaited AirTag finally came out. After more than three years, the Apple TV was finally updated again and the 4G Apple Watch was launched in the Netherlands.

You can indicate your absolute favorite in our poll. If you have another favorite (for example the Beats Studio Buds), you can choose the latter option. An explanation in the comments is always welcome!

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