EU nationalists united – boycotted by SD


Published 5 December 2021 at 07.12

EU. The major right-wing nationalist parties within the EU – including the Hungarian and Polish governing parties – met during a summit in Warsaw on Saturday. However, the Sweden Democrats stay out of the co-operation.

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Among the participants in the meeting were also Marine Le Pen from France and representatives of parties such as the Austrian FPÖ and Spanish Vox.

The parties have not yet entered into a formal alliance, but came to Warsaw agrees to maintain a common line on issues such as illegal immigration and national sovereignty, reports Euronews.

institutions have full democratic legitimacy “.

The broad alliance is boycotted by the Sweden Democrats – apparently because the party wants to stay well with the Moderates and Swedish media.

Marine Le Pen told October that her party previously had a very excellent relationship with SD, but that the Swedish party “suddenly and brutally” broke off contact.

In September, SD leader Jimmie Åkesson also went out to Expressen and distanced himself from the countries Poland and Hungary.

In the European Parliament In 2018, SD changed party group to the EU-friendly group ECR.