Tesla Model Y with AMD Ryzen vs Model 3 with Intel Atom: the step forward? obvious


The news that Tesla has started delivering Tesla Model Y Performance models in China with the new AMD Ryzen processor, aroused a lot of curiosity. In fact, compared to the Intel Atom processor used on the other Model 3 and Model Y, the new chip is; able to offer superior power. Certainly an important advantage given that the greater computing power should lead to an improvement in reactivity; infotainment. And for the future, the new platform should allow better management of the new digital services that will be introduced.

There is no it took a long time for comparative tests between the two hardware platforms to appear on the Web. The final result is; quite clear, usability takes a decisive step forward . How can you & ograve; see from the video that we report (Model Y – AMD Ryzen vs Model 3 – Intel Atom), the opening of the apps appears decidedly more; fast thanks to the new processor. In addition, it also improves fluidity; maps and app usage. In short, the advantages are obvious.

We are not yet at the level of a PC or a smartphone but thanks to the new AMD Ryzen processor the user experience is egrave; greatly improved. In addition to the Model Y Performance built at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, the new chip & egrave; also present on the new Model S and Model X. Arriver & agrave; also on the other electric cars of the American brand? You can & ograve; think yes even though it will probably take & agrave; of time.

And the chip crisis could further slow down this internal hardware upgrade process. However, it seems clear that Tesla is working to improve usability; infotainment of his cars. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of further news that allow you to understand when the new chip will be; also installed on the other cars of the company & agrave; by Elon Musk.

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