You will soon find this smart socket at IKEA


IKEA ÅSKVÄDER power strip on the way

IKEA has a habit of handling product releases differently per country. So it could be a few weeks before we see the ÅSKVÄDER sockets in the Dutch and Belgian IKEA. If you're in a hurry, you can just cross the border. Here you will find the current range, consisting of power strip, wall holder, switch and extension cable. The power strip can also be transformed into a surface-mounted socket with the wall bracket. However, a crucial part is still missing: the 1.2 meter long connection cable of €10 to provide the whole with power, but we expect this to be in the shop soon.

Also works with TRÅDFRI
There is often a run on such IKEA novelties, so if you want to replace your sockets during the coming days off, it's best not to wait too long. The ÅSKVÄDER socket block can be added to IKEA's TRÅDFRI system, allowing you to control it via app or remote control. In addition, you can also use the wireless TRÅDFRI dimmer from IKEA to operate the switch.

IKEA ÅSKVÄDER can be used in two ways: wall holder and coffee maker can be switched on and off remotely.

This is a modular system that you can click together and configure to your own liking. This way you can connect up to 10 single or 5 double sockets with each other. There is also a module with USB-a connections. The maximum output is 3,680 Watts. With an extension cable you can bridge longer distances and with the wall holder you can turn the power strip into a firmly attached socket.

The system is modular. >

To operate with HomeKit you always need the ÅSKVÄDER switch. You do need a connection hub (gateway), but that is also cheaper in Germany: €20 instead of €24.95 in the Netherlands.

Also available as a separate power strip to be used, or with the wall holder as a surface-mounted socket.

As soon as the ÅSKVÄDER sockets have also been detected in our country, we will let you know. In the meantime, you can get along well with the HomeKit power strips from other brands.