Toyota lancer? an electric in 2022 with BYD's LFP batteries


Toyota lancer & agrave; an electric car slightly larger than the Corolla, in China , by the end of 2022 , through a collaboration with BYD . According to a Reuters report, this car will be; proposed at a price of less than 200,000 yuan, equal to just under 28,000 euros, placing itself below premium electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model Y or the NIO ES6.

A vehicle, therefore, that avr & agrave; an affordable price without per & ograve; compromise with regards to space and comfort. The report highlights that Toyota will be able to offer this car at this price thanks to the collaboration with BYD that will provide the batteries . In particular, BYD's Blade accumulators will be used which are characterized by having cells with a chemistry of the LFP type . A technology that together with some technical solutions developed by the company & agrave; Chinese, allows to significantly reduce production costs.


This new car should make its first appearance as a concept at the Beijing Motor Show in April 2022 . Reuters reports that it will most likely become; then the second model of the Japanese manufacturer's range of electric cars , although it seems that it will be; only sold in China. It should, therefore, go alongside the new electric SUV bZ4X which is; has recently been presented on the European market.

BYD officially launched its Blade batteries in 2020. Accumulators with LFP (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry have several advantages and not just economic ones. In fact, they offer greater durability and do not use cobalt and nickel. On the other hand, they have a density; lower energy and & quot; suffer & quot; more & ugrave; low temperatures. It is a technology that more and more; manufacturers are starting to use mainly due to the higher costs; bass. Also Tesla already uses; the LFP cells for some models produced in China and aims to exploit them more in the future.

Recent reports also stated that the American manufacturer was interested in the batteries developed by BYD. Both Toyota and BYD declined to comment on the Reuters report. It must be said, however, that the two companies & agrave; are already collaborating for some time. In fact, last year they formed a joint venture precisely for the development of batteries.

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