The Taekwondo Association gets rid of grants after violations of basic values


Published December 3, 2021 at 10.01

Domestic. The Swedish Sports Confederation now stops all payments of financial support to the Swedish Taekwondo Association. The reason given is “serious value deviations that have not been remedied”.

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– It is not an easy decision but absolutely necessary that it is taken and it is the first time in the Swedish Sports Confederation's history that we are forced to do this. The Swedish Taekwondo Association has been given the opportunity to remedy the shortcomings that have been pointed out, but this has not been done and the internal work has not led to the required changes, says Björn Eriksson, chairman of the Swedish Sports Confederation.

Björn Eriksson does not want in detail go into what the alleged violations of the “values” consist of, reports TT.

In 2020 and 2021, the Swedish Taekwondo Association has had reduced financial support with demands to improve governance and cooperation with its two branch associations, the Swedish Taekwondo Union and The Swedish ITF Federation, to ensure, among other things, that decisions are made “within the democratic structure”.

The Swedish Sports Confederation states that it has offered the federation support with management and governance issues, but that “cooperation difficulties within the federation” have led to measures not being implemented.

The Swedish Sports Confederation's decision means stopped financial support for the Taekwondo Federation, The Taekwondo Federation's opportunity to apply for restart support for 2022 is also stopped.

– Democracy is the backbone of the sports movement and we must ensure that activities are run on the basis of it. It is deeply regrettable that we have been forced to take these measures at the same time as we see that almost all of the union's associations have a well-functioning business. We will therefore ensure that the associations do not suffer from the association's inability, says Björn Eriksson. provide both practical and financial support “, writes the union.