Tears of joy was the most used emoji in 2021


Tears of joy

No less than 92% of the world's population uses emoji, the Unicode Consortium has found out. But which one do we use? According to the organization, the face with tears of joy (😂) is by far the most popular, followed by the red heart (❤️). After that, nothing follows for a long time. There are hardly any shifting trends when it comes to emoji: it is sometimes claimed that tears of joy are really no longer possible, but we can hardly say goodbye to them.

There are some shifts in the list . For example, the thumbs up and the face with hearts are new in the top 10. The Unicode Consortium also looked by category: the eggplant (🍆) is very popular with vegetables and the strawberry, orange and apple are on top of each other. heels. With prepared food we like to use the pizza (🍕) and with drinks we like to post a cup of coffee (☕).

The weather emoji is the most popular and the plants are the rose. As an insect we like to choose the butterfly and in mammals the rabbit. When it comes to clothing, the crown is the proverbial crown.

You can find all the results on the website of the Unicode Consortium.