Strandhäll: SD films my house with drones


Published 2 December 2021 at 22.25

Domestic. Sweden's scandal-ridden new climate and environment & shy; Minister Annika Strandhäll (S) now accuses Sweden & shy; demo & shy; the craters' Youtube channel Riks of having filmed her home from the air with a drone and posted the film online.

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“On the way home today, I learned that SD's propaganda media Riks drove drones over my house and posted video and pictures of cretaceous and plethora”, writes Annika Strandhäll on Twitter on Thursday night.

She continues:

“My 12-year-old daughter was alone at home and we live thanks to these right-wing extremists with a constant threat. Where does the border go?”

The Minister of Climate receives support from a large number of other users.

“Boils with anger. Hug your daughter. Take care of yourselves”, writes for example the C-profile Ola Spännar.

Also the KD leader Ebba Busch gives its support to Annika Strandhäll:

“There are boundaries that must never be crossed. Because it can be impossible to justify from the 'examine power' perspective. When the security of elected officials and their families is threatened, our democratic system is also threatened. No matter what we think of the elected representative's opinions in general.” , writes Ebba Busch in a reply to the Minister.

One person claims to have tipped Säpo about the whole thing.

There is no evidence that it was Riks who filmed with drones at Strandhäll's home. However, one of the presenters at Riks, Rebecka Fallenkvist, has posted a drone film from the S-minister's villa on Twitter. Fallenkvist writes that the film comes from a “committed viewer” who filmed the “luxury bath for which [Strandhäll] refused to pay the refill invoice”.

This refers to the ongoing scandal surrounding Annika Strandhäll. It has been discovered that she had several unpaid debts that went to the Enforcement Officer, including for a pool filling and a beauty treatment.

Fria Tider is looking for a representative of Riks for a comment.

Update: I a comment to Aftonbladet from Annika Strandhäll states that it is Rebecka Fallenkvist's post that she is referring to.

“That the host of SD-riks chooses to publish drone pictures of my house and thus makes it possible for more of her “Followers and sympathizers to identify where I live is unpleasant and exceeds the limit of what is decent. Representatives of other parliamentary parties do not act like this”, the climate minister writes to Aftonbladet.