Strandhäll bluffed about right-wing extremist threats


Published 3 December 2021 at 11.11

Domestic. According to Minister of Climate Annika Strandhäll, it was inappropriate for the Sweden Democrats' Youtube channel Riks to publish pictures of her multi-million villa on Värmdö because she lives with a “constant threat” from right-wing extremists against her. But according to the Swedish Tax Agency, the politician's address is in fact fully public and there is no information about any threat.

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“We live thanks to these right-wing extremists with a constant threat. Where does the border go?”, Was Annika Strandhäll's comment that the SD channel Riks anchor Rebecka Fallenkvist had published a drone image of the politician's house and swimming pool, according to Aftonbladet./p>

“There are boundaries that must never be crossed. Because it can be impossible to justify from the 'examine power' perspective. When the security of elected representatives and their families is threatened, our democratic system is also threatened “, wrote KD leader Ebba Busch in a response to Strandhäll on social media.

Fallenkvist then apologized for the publication.

But that Fallenkvist or Riks would have threatened the safety of Annika Strandhäll by publishing pictures of the house in question is not true, information from the Swedish Tax Agency shows. That Strandhäll lives at the current address is namely public in the authority's address register SPAR, whose information about private individuals is easily searchable on a large number of sites online.

– You can get a privacy mark with us if you live under threat, and then the address is not visible, but no such information is available regarding Annika Strandhäll, says an administrator at the Swedish Tax Agency's population registration unit & shy; unit to Fria Tider.

On Friday morning, Fria Tider asked the police authority in Stockholm about Annika Strandhäll in general has reported any threats from right-wing extremists to the police. By eleven o'clock, however, the authority had not yet returned with answers to our questions.