Lexus RZ, first teasers of the new electric SUV. Will it arrive? in 2022


In the first half & agrave; of 2022 debut & agrave; the Lexus RZ, an electric SUV of which the Japanese carmaker shared the first teasers. The images allow you to glimpse some details of the profile and the bodywork. It will be of a completely new model and not a battery version of a car already; existing. The SUV pogger & agrave; on the e-TNGA platform and therefore surely will have; several technical elements in common with the Toyota bZ4X which recently & egrave; was presented in Europe.

Looking closely at the teasers, we note that the SUV features some details taken from the Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept car unveiled in March. In front we will always find the classic hourglass calender which, for & ograve ;, will be & agrave; closed due to the absence of the internal combustion engine. The front headlights will have a subtle design, while behind, as in the concept, horizontal headlights will be present.

Not much information about the mechanics has been shared. According to what was stated to Autocar by Pascal Ruch , vice president of the European division of Lexus, the SUV will have; of all-wheel drive . This means there will be two electric motors. Furthermore, it will be & agrave; present the Direct4 system which optimizes the torque sent to the individual wheels. The concept had an output of 400 kW with 700 Nm of torque, all powered by a 90 kWh battery. It will be this the powertrain of the Lexus RZ?

Soon to say it but it would come more & ugrave; It is easy to think that in the end the same powertrain with double engine of the bZ4X is used, capable of delivering 160 kW. There will be; anyway time to find out more details on the technical specifications of the new Lexuz RZ. The executive of the Japanese brand added that the SUV will have; also of the electronic steering. A model that will offer; performance, a high-level driving experience and premium content like any Lexus.

On paper, this new electric vehicle seems to be very interesting. Since the debut is; expected for the first half & agrave; of 2022, it probably shouldn't be; wait a long time for more details.

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