DNA meeting three years after the homosexual assault – man arrested


Published 2 December 2021 at 13.12

Domestic. When a man suspected of drug crimes was topped by the police, there was a hit on an unsolved rape attempt in Hisingen 2018. Now the man has been arrested, just over three years after the crime.

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One early June morning in 2018, a young man was subjected to an attempted rape at Hisingen in Gothenburg. The perpetrator was unknown and could not be identified after the incident.

DNA that was secured from the victim's shirt did not match the police register at the time. But in August this year – just over three years after the attempted rape – it was a hit. The DNA trace matched the DNA of a 28-year-old man who was topped in connection with an investigation into a drug crime.

The 28-year-old suspect was picked up by the police last week and is now in custody on probable cause on suspicion. for the attempted rape in 2018.

Broke down by unknown man
The attempted rape occurred early in the morning on June 3, 2018. The young man who was then 18 years old had just passed away. night bus when an unknown man appeared. He started talking to him and wanted him to follow him into the woods.

The 18-year-old tried to run from there but wrestled to the ground and the perpetrator put his hand in the teenager's underpants. The 18-year-old tried to make peace and was then able to break free and put himself in safety at the same time as he alerted the police. Although the police tracked down a dog, no suspected perpetrator could be found in connection with the incident.