The 500 returns to be the most electric? sold in Italy in November 2021


The month of November 2021 & egrave; was still negative for the Italian auto market with a decline of 24.6% on 2020 and even 30.8% on 2019. A result influenced by various factors including the effects of the pandemic and the chip crisis which is limiting availability; of new cars on the market. While petrol and diesel cars continue to lose market share, electrified cars (hybrid, plug-in and electric) continue to gain space .

Hybrid models (HEV) in November 2021 can count on a market share of 31.4%. Plug-in (PHEV) reach 5.2%, while electric (BEV) 6.5%. Let's see, therefore, which were the most popular models; sold among hybrids, plug-ins and electric cars.


The 500 electric (here our test) returns to occupy the first position of this ranking. A model that has always sold very well in Italy, positioning itself month after month in the upper parts of this particular ranking. In November 2021, 946 500 electric vehicles were registered. In second place we find, instead, the electric Renault Twingo with 656 units & agrave ;. Third step of the podium for the Volkswagen e-UP! , a model that is certainly not recent but which continues to be appreciated by customers.

Fifth position for the Dacia Spring which was electric in September and October more sold in Italy. The good seventh place for the Tesla Model Y should also be highlighted. The Tesla Model 3 does not appear in the ranking but, as we know, the pace of deliveries of the American brand is never constant. Overall, 6,958 electric cars were registered in November 2021.

HYBRID CARS: TOP 10 OF NOVEMBER 2021 hybrid models (HEV) . As usual, we remind you that both Full Hybrid and Mild Hybrid cars are present in the ranking. The top 10 does not present big surprises as in the first place we always find the Fiat Panda with numbers much higher than all the other models. In fact, 7,252 cars were registered in November. In second position, however, we find the Lancia Ypsilon with 2.793 units & agrave ;. Third step of the podium for the Toyota Yaris Cross.

The good fourth place of the Fiat 500 should also be highlighted. Overall, 33,474 hybrid cars were registered in November 2021.

As for Plug-ins, the Jeep Compass ranks first place of this ranking with 748 units & agrave; registered. In second place, with 630 cars, the Volvo XC40. Third step of the podium for the Peugeot 3008. Only fourth is the Jeep Renegade that we usually find in the very first positions.

During the whole month of November 5,560 Plug-in models were registered.

[Data source: UNRAE]


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