Tesla launches the Cyberquad but? just a (expensive) toy for children


Tesla has put the Cyberquad for sale but it is not; the means that so many have been waiting for. In fact, it is a (expensive) toy for children with the precise features of the electric quad (dimensions apart) that can; be purchased inside the manufacturer's official shop. To highlight this novelty, Franz von Holzhausen , the Tesla design manager who shared a short video in which his children have fun with the & quot; little one & quot; Cyberquad.

When the constructor presented & ograve; the Cybertruck electric pickup, showed & ograve; also the Cyberquad which would have been possible to carry directly inside the pickup. A vehicle that at the time had served to demonstrate capability; of Tesla's new electric model.

Subsequently, for & ograve ;, the automaker announced that the electric quad in the future would be offered as an accessory for the pickup . Since then it has been knew very little about this project. Only last October, Elon Musk & egrave; returned to speak briefly about Cyberquad highlighting the difficulties & agrave; to develop a safe quad. Statements that implied that the design was not particularly advanced.

If indeed the Cyberquad will arrive, it will not be; very early. What is sure & egrave; that the children will be the first to have fun with a Tesla electric quad. Cyberquad for Kids , this is the precise name of this mini quad, has a design very similar to that of the original model. Pu & ograve; be driven by children with an age at least 8 years old. It reaches 10 miles per hour (around 16km/h) and has a maximum range of 15 miles (around 24km). A full charge takes approximately 5 hours.

Also, the Cyberquad for Kids does not ship fully assembled. It takes from 2 to 4 weeks to be able to receive it at home. Tesla, however, does not guarantee that the quad will arrive in time for Christmas. The price ? As mentioned, it is an expensive toy as it costs $ 1,900 . However, considering the success of the particular products linked to Tesla, it would not be strange that the manufacturer is able to sell several of them.

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