Tesla has left California: headquarters moved to Texas


Tesla has officially moved its headquarters to Texas . At the beginning of October, Elon Musk had communicated the plan for this important change during a meeting with shareholders. At the time, precise timing had not been communicated and it had not even been said where exactly the new headquarters would be located even if it seemed quite obvious that the new headquarters would be built near the Gigafactory in Austin.

< p> Confirmation that Tesla has officially left California to take its headquarters to Texas comes with a new document filed with the United States SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Inside you can & ograve; to read that from 1 December 2021 the new Tesla headquarters & egrave; was moved to the Gigafactory located in Austin . Therefore, the company & agrave; has completed this important change and, as expected, the headquarters will rise & agrave; next to the Gigafactory or perhaps right inside it.

The 1 & deg; December 2021, Tesla, Inc. moved its headquarters to the Texas Gigafactory at 13101 Harold Green Road, Austin, Texas 78725.

The satellite images show that the address actually corresponds to an area next to the Gigafactory but this does not mean that the offices are then inserted inside the factory. Surely Elon Musk will not miss it; to provide more information over time. Musk's announcement that he wanted to move the headquarters to Texas surprised no one. In fact, there has been talk of this possibility for some time, especially after the CEO had harshly criticized the authorities; local California due to the restrictions applied to combat the spread of the pandemic which made the resumption of activities problematic; production inside the Fremont factory.

Just at the time, Musk had hinted at the possibility; to move the headquarters elsewhere. In any case, the decision is certainly also of an economic nature, given that Texas offers various concessions for companies that intend to create new structures within the state. Furthermore, with the change of location, Musk will be & agrave; even more; near the SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica.

The Gigafactory of Texas, however, is; more and more; important to Tesla's growth strategy. Here, in fact, the Model Y and the Cybertruck will be produced. Even if the headquarters is; been moved, Tesla will not stop to invest in the Gigafactory of Fremont .

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