S-women in open letter: “We do not tolerate Eneroth”


Published 1 December 2021 at 19.16

Domestic. In an open letter, Social Democratic women in Småland sharply criticize the fact that Tomas Eneroth (S) – who is being investigated for sexual harassment – has gained renewed confidence as a minister in the new government.

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Tomas Eneroth was appointed Minister of Infrastructure in Magdalena Andersson's new government yesterday. A few minutes after this was announced, the special prosecutor's office announced that they had initiated a preliminary investigation against the minister regarding sexual harassment.

He is accused of taking a party colleague on the butt during a party congress.

Eleven anonymous Social Democratic women in Kronoberg are now behind a letter protesting that Tomas Eneroth has regained confidence.

“Men who commit sexual abuse and harassment have no place in our government”, the S-women write.

– Partly that it has been quiet internally and that he is appointed minister before you know what the investigation says. This means that you do not take this seriously. I think of her who has been exposed, and how she must feel about this, she says.

One of the women tells SVT that they want to be anonymous because several are “terrified of being exposed”.

– This is very sensitive, it goes without saying. If he can get a ministerial post after these accusations, then you can understand how top-down the party is. If it is revealed who wrote the letter, there will be retaliation.